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Rap Monster finds the solution to Jackson’s stress

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running in heels like a pro…

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When the DIE JUNGS photobook officially comes out... 

  • Most EXO Fans: asdfgjkljfubxdkln!!! (insert-bias-name) oppa is so hansome!!!! I'm so gonna buy that!!!! *fangurrrling mode*
  • Most EXO Fans: scans the pictures.
  • Most EXO Fans: tries to edit/photoshop 1000 different effects and style the same picture.
  • Most EXO Fans: tries to make fanfic out of it.
  • Most EXO Fans: tries to make it move.
  •  Meanwhile
  • Kris stan: Spot the Wu Fan.

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trafficlight xiumin and trashcan tao getting mailbox sehun LOL

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Taemin 2 Exclusive Teaser pics

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Preview of EXO’s photobook Die Jungs.

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Preview of EXO’s photo book Die Jungs.

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sunmi+yugyeom 24시간이 모자라 (140809)

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